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From our experience we know that when senior management becomes engaged with a communications issue their first priority is to adopt a rational strategy. That strategy will be based on a realistic understanding of the situation and it will be crafted to meet specific goals. That’s where we excel. We bring the benefit of substantial career experiences at the executive level dealing with virtually every type of critical communications issue.

We work closely with boards and senior management, enabling us to develop an intimate understanding of the company, its standards and goals. We build the type of close relationships executives expect from their lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, and other trusted advisors, but never expected from a communications firm. To achieve that type of relationship, our fees are flat monthly retainers that we negotiate with our client based on an agreed-upon scope of work. As a result, our clients extend their meetings with us, allowing us to get smarter on their behalf, without being concerned about their costs going up. We never worry about how busy we are; but we are obsessed with providing value.

Often, our clients will ask us to oversee the execution of the communications strategy. In those cases, we work with the client’s internal team and other world-class experts with whom we have built strategic relationships. Most often, these relationships have been built over years of working together, but we also meet and build new relationships with those who evidence our standards of value and quality.

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