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Our clients often ask us to oversee the execution of the recommendations we propose. To accomplish that, we work with other firms or individuals with whom we have built relationships. In those cases, the other firms act as a seamless extension of Next Horizon because they share our values and standards. In most instances, we have a long relationship with the principals of these firms, although we are always interested in establishing new relationships with experts who evidence our approach to work with clients.

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We turn to Washington, DC-based Bluetext when a client needs high-end digital marketing and related communications services. We have worked with the principals of Bluetext for many years and respect their ability to produce memorable work that achieves the client’s goals. [Embed Bluetext video here]

Not surprisingly, the communications revolution has exerted tremendous influence on the communications industry itself. Talented individuals, especially those providing creative services ranging from video production to web site production, have been able to achieve an independent lifestyle while marketing to a global audience through the web. In so doing, their services are often available at very reasonable fees. The difficulty, however, comes when trying to pull together a team of people with different expertise all needing to work collaboratively and adhere to strategy, schedule and budget. CampaignCollaborators.Com solves that problem by doing all the work to recruit, manage and coordinate the right team wherever in the world they may be. They provide a single point-of-contact team leader for every issue from production questions to billing issues. This works exceptionally well for budget-sensitive clients.

Capitol Counsel Group
Capitol Counsel Group helps clients navigate the complex world of federal programs that provide financial assistance to companies using innovative technologies to solve critical environmental and energy concerns. It is led by Warren Belmar, who has had a distinguished career in law and public policy, having served in such positions as Deputy General Counsel for Energy Policy, U.S. Department of Energy during much of George W. Bush’s administration, as Chairman of the Clean Economy Network Education Fund, and as Chair of the Federal Clean Energy Finance Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.

It is often vital to monitor the impact of a communications campaign. In these instances, PublicRelay provides the most innovative and fastest-growing media monitoring and analytics solution on the market. PublicRelay gives clients access to the facts they need in order to respond quickly to issues and predict trends and future hot spots. Consistent, accurate, real-world metrics allows for planning and analyzing a campaign's impact. In the 24-hour news cycle, this is a critical tool for getting the right messages out quickly and then amplifying that effort across the Web and in social media.

We are always interested in building new relationships with individuals and small firms that have a commitment to providing excellent service in their particular area of expertise. Those interested can initiate such a relationship by emailing with a statement of your interest, a summary of your credentials, and full contact information.

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