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Our experience is difficult to match. Each Next Horizon principal is a highly regarded, nationally recognized, and award winning professional. We have provided counsel to senior executives and boards for leading corporations, directed programs for the largest worldwide cause-related events, worked as investor relations counselors, launched products and services, and managed international operations for global companies. Between us, we have experience in just about every communications challenge any organization can confront.

We communicate to achieve goals, rather than specializing in PR, or advertising, interactive, special events or any other discipline. We create the right messages that will resonate with well-defined audiences to achieve specific goals. After that is achieved, it becomes much easier to choose the right communications channels to distribute those messages.

We do not bill our clients on the basis of time.  Charging our clients on the basis of how many minutes we spend on their behalf makes no sense:  Our clients do not care how busy we are, but do care about the value we provide. We never want our clients to cut a meeting short or hesitate to contact us because they are worried about the cost of doing so. We prefer to spend more time with our clients to build the intimate relationship necessary to become a true member of their senior team.

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